Diploma in Retail Management

Programme Overview

Programme Diploma in Retail Management provided by PICOMS helps students to gain more knowledge about Retail Management which is needed in the currently expanding retail career industry. Through this programme, students will have a better understanding and skills required in this field. Students will also be equipped with management knowledge by our lecturer using subjects such as introduction to management, basic accounting, and marketing. Based on theoretical and practical approach given by this programme for the students, they will be able to excel in this industry.


· Own Business

· Retail supervisor

· Junior Executive

· Junior Merchandiser

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· Degree in Retail Management

· Degree in Business Management

· Degree in any related field

Year 1

·       Principle of Economics

·       Marketing Principles

·       Fundamental of Retailing

·       Introduction to International Business

·       Basic Finance

·       International Marketing

·       Introduction to Management

Year 2


·       Business Ethics

·       Management Information Systems

·       Fundamental of Human Resource Management

·       Basic Accounting

·       Organisational Behaviour

·       Business Law

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Enterprise Resource Management

·       Retail Communication

·       Managing Retail Location

Year 3

·       Business Decision Making

·       Consumer Behaviour

·       E-Commerce

·       International Retailing

·       Franchise Management

·       Supply Chain Management


Batu Muda

Programme Status:

Provisional Accreditation

Programme Code:

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Retail Management

Study Mode:


Study Level:



January, April and September


2.7 years

· Manufacturing sector

· Logistics Industry

· Shipping companies

· Airlines companies

· Government agencies

· Forwarding agents

· Entrepreneur

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Holders of this diploma can proceed directly into the Bachelor of International Supply Chain Management program at the Faculty of Management, PICOMS International University College (PIUC). Graduates can also further their studies at any local or foreign universities.


Year 1

·       Microeconomic

·       Principle of Accounting

·       Principle of Management

·       Macroeconomic

·       Business Communication

·       Principle of Marketing

·       Basic Finance


Year 2

·       Business Ethics

·       Human Resource Management

·       Information Technology Management

·       Supply Chain Management

·       Logistics Management

·       Introduction to Transportation

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Introduction to Seaport Management

·       Business Law


·       Organisation Behaviour

Year 3

·       Introduction to Inventory Management

·       International Logistics Management

·       Procurement and Strategic Management

·       Customs and Port Procedures

·       CIntroduction to Warehouse Management

·       Transport Management

·       Industrial Training